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Name: Yossarian
Born July 7, 1996
Died February 8, 2011
Origin: Fairfax County Pound

A lot of folks always ask "Where did you get that name?". That's simple, the name is from the book "Catch-22". One of the characters is named Yossarian and it just seemed to fit. The pound had the name "Scotty" or something stupid attached to him and he is no where near being a "Scotty". He IS a Yossarian.

He howls at sirens, runs out the door barking his head off - for no good reason, and when I get home, he always has something in his mouth. Not sure why he does that, but his tail wags like mad, his ears are arched and he is sort of growling with delight - and of course he has either a shoe or sock or something in his mouth. He once tried to lift a duck-pin bowling THAT was funny.

Yossarian was put down on February 8, 2011. He will be missed and never forgotten. Rest in peace little buddy, I will miss you until I see you and Serrecko on the other side.

Name: Serrecko
Born July 4, 1996
Died January 7, 2005
Origin: Fairfax County Pound

Now this name was taken from a neighbors dog. Our neighbors in the late 60's had a dog named "Sir Echo" and I always liked the sound of it and promised myself I would name my dog that if I ever had one. Well, I got one and didn't want to confuse people with the name - my favorite band is Echo and The Bunnymen - so I changed the spelling a little. Didn't want folks to think I named my dog after a band.

Serrecko was the friendliest dog I have ever seen. He might have looked like a killer, but he was a push over. Although....if pushed he had been known to "defend" his owner.

He also was deathly afraid of thunderstorms. You would think a German Shepherd that looks like this wouldn't be afraid of anything....Rest in peace buddy - you will never be far from my thoughts.

These were my dogs. They gave me more joy and love than one could ever imagine. I know everyone says they have the best dog in the world, but I know I can't say that about these two. I can't say that cause I have not met all of the dogs in the world, but I can say the two dogs I had in my life were the best dogs I could have ever hoped to have. I will forever think about them, miss them, and I know from time to time I will shed a tear. Serrecko has been gone over 6 years and to this day, I still shed a tear when I think about him. Life is a little more empty.... but it goes on. Thank you Yossarian and Serrecko, you gave me so much......

This is a picture of Yossarian I commissioned with Christopher Wynkoop. Chris does some of the most amazing art I have seen.
Visit his site and hire him for your own masterpieces.
This guy is very talented and is always willing to work with you.

The Story of Serrecko and Yossarian.

   In July of 1996 while living with a girlfriend in Alexandria Virginia, we decided to go look for a dog at the Alexandria Animal Shelter. My girlfriend's dog had passed away during the previous winter. So, seven months later, we found ourselves at the animal shelter.

   I had always wanted a German Shepherd as a pet. I have always admired their regal demeanor, and their intelligence, not to mention they are just beautiful and loyal. Well, no more than 5 minutes after we walked into the cage area I spotted a dog they had named "Timber". He was a black and tan German Shepherd, he was perfect. He just sat there looking up at the folks walking by while the rest of the dogs in the shelter were jumping around, barking, and just being loud. I turned to Becky, my girlfriend at the time, and said

   "This is the one!"

   Without a doubt, I knew "Timber" was going home with us.

   We turned right around, walked to the front desk and said, we wanted to adopt "Timber". So, they kind people there started handing me paperwork to fill out, and while I wasn't looking, I heard the door open to the kennel, and Becky was walking back into the cage area. I remember going over there and saying something like

   "No, don't do that. We will only get depressed about all of the dogs here so it's just not a good idea to go further. Find the first one we want, forget about filling our heads with choices and get out of here fast." I said with as much conviction as a kid at the ice cream store.

   "I'm just going to go see them while you fill in the paperwork, relax." and she turned and continued walking.

   About five minutes later she walked through the door and said something like:

   "You really need to come see this other dog, he is so cute and he is such a small puppy, and you just gotta see him."

   I don't remember th conversation too well, but I am certain there was a lot of we shouldn't, we can't, Timber is perfect, and so forth. Which meant I was not making a good case for not going to see the other puppy.

   So I go with her and we go to the end of the main hall, took a right turn and in the very last cage stood a dog they named "Scotty". He was a lemon Beagle mix, mixed with what I never would know for certain, but boy oh boy was he a cute dog. Which meant we now were on a mission to adopt two puppies at the same time.

   When we got back to the counter we informed them we wanted to get two of them. Told them which two, and we got handed more paperwork, while they went to fetch the dogs. They had this little fenced in area inside of the shelter which allowed you to have the dog with you and see how they acted and all of that fun stuff, well anyway, here they brought out these two dogs.

   Without a doubt, these two dogs were meant to be together. "Scotty" was small enough to walk under "Timber's" belly without even crouching, and "Timber" didn't seem to mind a bit. We played with them for about 15 minutes while more paperwork was shoved in our faces and we took turns filling things out, while still playing with the dogs.

   This is when we found out we would have to be interviewed at our house by the shelter folks. We were okay with that, since we still had a cat and our yard was huge and fenced in. We just had to bide our time until they came over and read us the riot act.

   On the appointed day, the shelter person arrived and the interview went great. But over and over she asked if we were positive we wanted two puppies at the same time. Becky was excited, I was excited and Becky's two children were excited. I think they sensed we would be great pet owners.

  We we granted the right to adopt these two dogs. We could pick them both up in about 5 or 6 days. "Timber" was getting ready to be fixed, and "Scotty" was still too young for that, but we could pick them both up and pre-pay for "Scotty" to be fixed at a later date.

   So we got our dogs! We then spent a few days trying to decide on names for them since they certainly were not a "Timber" nor a "Scotty". The name for "Timber" was easy to choose. I had a neighbor when I was a kid that had a Collie that was named "Sir Echo". I just loved that name. Which put things in a tricky spot, since my favorite band at the time (and still is) was "Echo and The Bunnymen". So, I had to change the spelling a bit, and I had a friend that owned a car that was something like a "Sorroco" or something, but anyway, I changed "Sir Echo" to "Serrecko". It sounded like the name for my neighbors dog, and wasn't spelling like my favorite band.

   Becky and her kids were okay with it too. Finally, I had a German Shepherd and a dog named "Serrecko".

   Now, when it came to "Scotty", I didn't have any idea what I wanted to name him, but I knew I didn't like "Scotty". I remember we all sat around trying to think up a name and Willie, Becky's son, even suggested "Lyle". To me, that was a non-starter but boy was that funny. I will never forget when "Lyle" was suggested. I do remember sitting at the dinner table and seeing "Scotty" roaming around the house and just stopping from time to time and sitting there with a strange look on his face. As if dogs can have a strange look on their faces if the first place. But "Scotty" had really expressive eyes and he would just stop and sorta be taking everything in, and trying to figure out why anything he saw actually made any sense or mattered any way. Then it hit me. I had his name!!!!

   I tossed out the name "Yossarian" and was met with puzzled looks and kids trying to pronounce it. Not to mention another adult doing the same thing. So I had to explain where it came from. It came from the book "Catch-22", and of course from the movie of the same name. I had watched the movie only about a month earlier and it was still in my head. And this dog, this incredibly expressive dog struck me as being very much like the main character of the book. Always questioning the unanswerable. He was "Yossarian" through and through.

   So the names stuck, and that is how my dogs came to have the names they did. Lots of folks ask, and now lots of folks that care to know, have just found out.

   Both of "my boys" have passed on now, and I will fill in the story of their lives later on. The story of how the enriched my life, made me feel whole, kept me happy when I felt sad will take a long time to put on this site, or anywhere else for that matter. But I owe it to Serrecko and Yossarian to do it. For me, these two dogs made my world a much better, brighter place, and I miss them both terribly.

   The story will continue......for now, settle for pictures from over the years.

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