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People From Around The World Not Coming To My Memorial Service

   This section is about something I have been doing since at least 1982. When I was graduating from High School, I sent President Reagan an invitation to my high school graduation, and I had no illusions they would attend. BUT, I knew enough to understand I would be voting when he ran again, and I would get some type of response. I also sent an invitation to Vice President George H.W. Bush. Both sent me a response.

   Well, the success I met over 30 years ago got me interested in trying my hand with inviting world leaders to my funeral / memorial service. So, instead of just sending things to the White House, I started by sending invitations to my memorial service to Number 10 Downing Street, London England.

   From there I just circled the planet, and sent some 65 invitations out, and got back about 17 responses. Which I thought was fantastic, and I hope to have created a great keepsake for my family once I am no longer here.

   I do hope I get a few more in, or even if some come in after I have checked out, it would be interesting to know just how long these took to get responded to. Of course this was all about just getting something to hand down to my family, and I have given this idea to some friends and they are doing it for their kids now. Which means these kids will have great family treasures to pass down for years and years to come.

   Hopefully more will do this for their own kids.
   This is the current list of those business and world leaders I have been able to add to this site.
   There is a total of 17 I will be adding and I have a deadline to meet, and that deadline could really be any moment of any day.
   I am working as quickly as I can.
David Cameron
Cutler Dawson
Tony Gallardy
Queen Elizabeth II
Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar
President Obama
President G. W. Bush
Chris Hanburger
Benjamin Netanyahu
Charles Prince of Wales
William Duke of Cambridge
President Jimmy Carter
Prime Minister Justin Tradeau
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
Kid President Robby Novak

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