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   The final paintball event Mike ever played. He was running two oxygen tanks and did the best he could. It was noticed who wasn't there and should have been there but in the end, it was an amazing day for a last time ever. $1,400 was also raised for Toys for Tots.    This is the trip from Mike's house to Skyline Paintball in Strasburg. Another time lapse video of the drive. The event in March of 2013 seems like so long ago.

   The Gaggle Of Noobs Gun Club: This was our first trip to our Sponsor, Ares Arsenal. Only three of us showed, but we had a good time anyway.    The Gaggle Of Noobs Scenario Paintball Team: Four of us headed North to Skirmish to take part in the country's largest paintball game. The Invasion of Normandy 2015.

   This is me getting baptized for the second time, but the first time under my own faith and while knowing what and why I was being baptized.    This was to be my final haircut before the Chemo started to kick in. I may get a mohawk right before I shave it bald. I only want the picture I guess and then I will just let it go.

   This is Rico and me talking about what my wife thought he was, which was Egyptian. This is me telling him that story.    This is our first load of the Toys for Tots 2016 bikes! We are dropping off the first 40 at the Skyline Warehouse.

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